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L × W × H:
X: × Y: × Z:  cm 


Model Stats:

Material Volume: cm3
Support Material Volume: cm3
Box Volume: cm3
Surface Area: cm2
Model Weight: g
Model Dimensions:
x x cm
Number of Polygons:
Number of Shapes:
Total Path: cm

3D Printing Service

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  • Upload your files (.STL), choose the quality and colour and get an instant quote.
  • Lead times are 1-2 days dependant on size, complexity and quantity.
  • Parts are safely packaged and a choice of economy or expedited delivery options are available.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or you have something special on your mind.
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2 reviews for 3D Printing Service

  1. d.bugler (verified owner)

    Loved being able to see the file in the material colour picked on the screen. Well packaged for delivery and arrived in great time. Great quality looking print.

  2. jake.butler (verified owner)

    Quick communication, solved problems easily and great quality/delivery

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