1/2/4x 18650 Lipo Power Board


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This module is great at powering your projects with easily replaceable 18650 cells (not included)

These boards have a built in charger with charge indication LED. The single 18650 model uses a micro USB input connector with a charge rate of 0.5A. The dual 18650 models have both micro and USB-C input connectors with a charge rate of 1.0A.

All models have several solderable 0.1″ pitch outputs for 5V, 3.3V and a USB-A connector


The dual and quad cell variants have a switch change the mode of the outputs. There is Normal or Hold

Normal mode will switch off the output if there is low current being drawn.

Hold mode will keep the output turned on regardless of the current draw. This mode is great for projects that only draw a small amount of current or go to sleep until needed.

The output is switched on with the push button.


(This product does not contain 18650 batteries, be careful of the battery positive and negative when you install them, do not reverse. Please follow the + – direction on the PCB and do not follow the positive and negative directions on the battery holder)


  • Over-charging protection and over-discharge protection
  • Micro USB charging (on all variants)
  • USB-C charging (on dual and quad cell variants)
  • Charge current: 0.5A (on single cell variant), 1.0A (on dual and quad cell variants
  • USB output control switch and enable button
  • 3.3V 1A output interfaces
  • 5V 2A output interfaces
  • LED light, green for full of charge, red for under charging

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