5mm clear LEDs


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These clear 5mm LEDs appear translucent when they are off and illuminate in your chosen colour when voltage is applied.

Here are the voltage drop readings for each of the colours:

Yellow = 2.02V
Green = 2.725V
White = 2.853V
Blue = 2.710V
Red = 1.979V
Purple = 3.137V
Here is how to calculate the appropriate series resistor value:
supply voltage – voltage drop / desired current = ideal resistor value
Then you would choose the closest value resistor available.
for example for a green LED:
5 Volts – 2.725 Volts = 2.275 Volts / 0.02 Amps = 113.75 Ohms
The closest value available is 120 Ohms
Get your resistors here:

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Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Purple


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