Modular PIC Boards

25th January 2024 0 By John

We have recently been working with Gloucestershire College to create a set of modular Microchip PIC microcontroller boards to assist them in teaching about C programming and embedded systems.

We created a main PIC board, a Communications board and an Analogue sensor board.

The main board contains the PIC18F45K50 PIC microcontroller, on board power supply with reverse polarity protection, 3x sets of GPIO headers, PICKit programming connector, 8x LEDs, 4x Buttons, USB, UART, SPI and I2C. The top connector allows for the modular boards to be connected.

The communication board gives the user 4x PS/2 keyboard and mouse connectors and an RS232 interface.

The analogue sensor board contains its own power supply which includes a current sensor so the user can measure the power being consumed by their project. There is also a potentiometer, light sensor, temperature sensor and thermocouple sensor.

The documentation for these boards are available here: