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This Microchip PIC based microcontroller board is perfect for integrating a PIC microcontroller into your designs.

The board features all of the resources for the PIC18F45K40 microcontroller plus USB to UART controller for communications and programming and an RGB LED to well RGB!!!

The PIC18F45K40 is an 8-bit 64MHz microcontroller with:

  • 64K Bytes of Program Flash Memory
  • 3728 Bytes Data SRAM Memory
  • 1024 Bytes Data EEPROM
  • 2x 10-bit PWM modules
  • 2x UART, I2C and SPI
  • 31x breadboard friendly I/O pins
  • 10-bit ADC
  • 5-bit DAC

The board can either be programmed with a Microchip PicKit or via the USB connector with our USB bootloader. Check out our guide to the bootloader here:

PIC Microcontroller Bootloader

Order your board now with or without header pins.

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Board only, Supplied with board + 50p, pre-soldered + £1


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