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This is a Qwiic version of PYBoard v1.1. It has all of the features of PYBoard V1.1, we added/changed few additional features:

Micro SD card slot was changed to back side, a thinner type of slot
Two Qwiic connectors, Qwiic1 connects to I2C(1) and Qwiic2 connects to I2C(2), it makes connecting super easy!

All the breakout pins and positions are exactly the same as official PYBoard v1.1, so it is fully compatible with PYBoard official add-ons, the overall dimension has slight change.

The PYBoard v1.1 is the easiest (also powerful) micropython dev board to start with, you can access python scripts by USB port, just like a U-disk. This is much much easier than esp8266 and esp32 board. The board has two Qwiic connectors which directly connect to I2C 1 and I2C 2, you can use Qwiic cable to quickly connect I2C devices on the board, daisy chain them, with no soldering and jumper wiring, then you can start writing your python code to control them! We have lots of Qwiic modules which can be easily plugin to this micropython board. You can even find more Qwiic modules on sparkfun’s website.

We strongly recommend using pycharm community version, it is free and a very powerful tool.


Microcontroller: STM32F405RG
MCU speed: 168 MHz Cortex M4 CPU with hardware floating point
Flash memory: 1024KiB
RAM: 192KiB
On board 3-axis accelerometer: MMA7660
Supported micro SD card size: up to 8GB size
Dimensions: 33.94 x 43.18 mm
Weight: 6.7g

Packing List:

1 x Zio Micropython PYBoard v1.1
1 x Micro USB 2.0 cable
1 x 10cm Qwiic cable
1 x male header pins bundle (unsoldered)


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